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 0198efc88763282e70f9b80b676ee2ea51d1e24b2eThe Classic Cleanse is the perfect combination of blended & cold pressed fruit, vegetables, super-foods, pro and prebiotics, quality essential fatty acids, protein and fibre. Each ingredient has been selected for the properties it will provide you physically as well as energetically on your cleanse journey. The Classic Cleanse is a great option for beginners as well as regular cleansers. Each drink has been aligned with a time of the day and what your body needs most at this time. The Classic Cleanse is filling, well rounded and tastes delicious.





No. 1 | K A W A   A W A K E N I N G

Green Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Lemon, Kawakawa infusion, Chia Seeds, Moringa Powder.

 A New Zealand spinoff of green juice. A refreshingly Kiwi way to begin your day of cleansing.



No. 2 | R O N G O   R O O T S

Carrot, Kumara, Green Apple, Dandelion Medicinal Tea, Flaxseeds, Ginger, Turmeric.

Your second drink of the day is a smooth and spicy drop of liquid sunshine. The perfect mid-morning pick me up.




No. 3 | B E R R Y    B E E T S

Organic Banana, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Activated Almonds, Cold Pressed Beetroot Juice, Maqui, and Lemon.

Wild & Wilin Berries is vibrant mid-day delight that packs a punch with rich dark pigments and creamy banana to keep you going.



No. 4 |  B U T T E R F L Y   M A G I C   T E A 

Butterfly Pea Infusion, Licorice Root, Lemongrass, and Honey.

(Lemon to be added by you to witness the magic)

Glow and let the good energy flow! This beautiful Ayurvedic tea changes to a deep purple colour right in front of your eyes when you add lemon to it. Try it warm!



No. 5 |  G R E E N  G O O D N E S S

Pear,  Avocado, Spinach, Broccoli Sprouts, Green Lotus infusion,  Aloe Vera and Lemon.

Green Goodness is a favourite all round, this is a smooth and creamy energy booster.





No. 6 | S H A N T I  C A L M

Cashew milk, Chamomile, Sprouted Buckwheat, Dates, Vanilla, and Sea Salt.

Om Shanti, feel the peace within. Shanti Calm, your last drink of the day is a restorative blend of beautifully supportive ingredients that nurture and comfort your being. This blend brings the very meaning of Shanti, which is                           peace. Sit quietly and mindfully as you reflect on your cleansing journey.


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