A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

Follow Nomad ambassador Kirsty Godso in her day in the life of a Warrior! (cleanse)

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I always wake up really excited on a cleanse day. Not only because I know the juices are all going to be delicious, but because I get this amazing energy whenever I’m cleansing and for the days afterwards.


I tried the new Sun Cider Elixir first thing and took it straight (like a real warrior). I liked the taste of it and it was a good wake up!


Juice #1 – This isn’t your ordinary green juice that can often be bitter and make you regret every sip. It’s sweet without being too sweet and really refreshing! I had this right after a big walk this morning where I covered off some of my admin tasks I needed to get out of the way.


I got busy training clients and doing emails so had #2 a little later. It was good timing to have the Re Fuel juice as this one includes protein powder which would give me some more fuel to burn in my weights training session with my trainer that was about to go down. Normally by this time of day I would have had two coffees but felt great without any – a highly unusual circumstance!


I always train with my PT at lunch times twice a week. It actually happens that every time I cleanse it falls on a day where we are training and I never feel like my performance is affected, if anything I often feel like I have even more energy for our sessions! Today’s training was super tough and I definitely got my butt kicked but felt great throughout and never felt like my body was unsupported from being on the cleanse.


After training I took some time to play a little bit of ‘friendly’ basketball at the gym. Basketball is one of my favourite sports to play socially and can be pretty physically demanding but again I felt great and had loads of energy.

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#3 Revive was very nice to run home to after training and basketball. I love the mix of ingredients in this juice, it has a really nice flavour and texture. I’m also addicted to avocados so that always makes me especially excited about this drink!


I spent a couple of hours attacking emails and workout planning then stopped for #4, Oxygenate. Beetroot drinks often get a bad rap from people but this one is so delicious! The combination of ingredients makes it taste really fresh but without being too sharp thanks to the sunflower milk.


I headed down to Nike Run Club to take part in the run which happens every Wednesday night. I’m not a runner by trade so I always like to run with other people when I do. I thought by this point that I would be starting to feel really tired and hungry but not at all! I did a fast 6km run with the team and felt so good doing it.


I was running a little later than usual for #5 but this one is always my favourite so I wanted to look forward to it when I got home! There are honestly no real words to accurately describe how amazing this juice is. If I had to try, I would call it magical unicorn nectar! Honestly, you never want it to end.


#6 is also a favourite of mine as I love chilli! This is the ultimate end to a great day. I enjoyed this one while stretching out on the floor. I hate stretching so the drink made it much more enjoyable! There’s always some sadness for me on the last sip of #6 because you know the cleanse is over until the next time but then I quickly get excited about the glow you can look forward to the next day. My skin always looks so fresh, healthy and glowing for a week after a one day cleanse!


Lights out. I always have the best sleep after a cleansing day and usually I’m not a great sleeper so this means a lot to me!

I’m a healthy person anyway but the cleanse is still a great opportunity for me to give back to my body and reset. I always have the best sleep and wake up the next day with the craziest energy. A lot of people still talk about juice cleanses as if they’re only meant to occur after a big binge or when people are rapidly trying to lose weight. This is WRONG! Cleansing is for everyone and helps us to take time to re- appreciate food whilst detoxing our body safely and effectively with juices that are specially crafted to make sure our body is supported throughout this process. I particularly love the Warrior Cleanse for the more active individuals. I am on a more extreme scale of activeness and can honestly say my day is not affected in the slightest by cleansing – if anything I feel like I have more energy to give which is a big part of my job.

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