the nomad classic cleanse
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. T H E  N O M A D  C L E A N S E .

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The Nomad Family. X


The Nomad Cleanse is a nutritionist and naturopath designed cleanse & renewal program with substance, integrity and purpose. The Nomad Cleanse program consists of 6 nourishing, raw beverages daily for a period of 1-3 days. Each drink is a blend of specifically chosen fruit, vegetables and exotic super foods.


W H A T   M A K E S   N O M A D   H O L I S T I C

At Nomad every holistic cleanse is made with love and purpose, drawing on the magnificent bounty that nature provides to craft a cleanse that will clear and renew mind and being. Each blend has been designed to gently support and invite the body and mind to release and purify what it needs. The Nomad Cleanse has been created with the awareness that cleansing is not only a physical act but also a ritual, a ritual which will ultimately reset us back upon the path to mindful awareness of our bodies and the choices we make for it. Cleansing is a time of renewal, in which we are honouring our bodies and our self to let go of the old and make way for the new, a kind of beautiful reset.


B L E N D E D  W I T H  P U R P O S E

Each Nomad blend has been created with specific nutrient properties and energetics in mind.  Along with these important nutrients and supporters we have added some extra special botanical additions such as Rose hips, Aloe Vera, Butterfly Pea, Nettle, Chia Seeds, Maqui, Chlorella, Blue Spirulina, Cacao, Manuka Honey, Moringa, New Zealand natives, Kawakawa and Houhere and Nomads own alkaline water Kefir.


T H E  N O M A D  P H I L O S O P H Y

Nomad are a husband and wife team passionate about creating your most nourishing and gentle cleansing experience possible, the idea of a door to door delivered cleanse was brought into fruition with the intention to not only provide a holistic cleanse but ultimately inspire and educate the individuals who embark on a journey of renewal in the wonders of holistic nutrition.

We feel that it is our responsibility to stay true to our belief of protecting the earth and its wonderful gifts, therefore we aim to provide a product that holds little burden to the environment or future generations. At Nomad we endeavour to support our local businesses by connecting with suppliers in our community, by doing this we keep our carbon foot print small and our community nourished.

This philosophy resonates and flows throughout the business, ultimately providing our clients with a beautiful product that we are proud of.  This ethos supports your cleansing journey by holding this intention, bringing the energy to not only focus on the body alone but every part of your being. Mind, body and soul.


Created with love & light