new zealand's premium organic cold pressed juice cleanse
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Q U E S T I O N S  +  A N S W E R S



Q. Do you deliver nation wide?

A. Not quite, we currently ship to Tauranga and Mount Maunganui on a Tuesday afternoons, and to most areas in the North Island on Wednesdays. Cold freight delivery is pretty tricky! Contact us if your address doesn’t seem to be accepted or see the delivery page for more info.


Q. Can I eat any food while I’m cleansing? 

A. Yes, we are all about nourish rather than punish here at Nomad and everybody’s calorie needs are different. With your cleanse manual you will receive a list of helpful/acceptable foods you can consume during the cleanse, if you just want to sink your teeth into something solid or need the extra boost. If you are on the three day cleanse you will also receive a nourishing hot/cold soup recipe.


Q. How often can I cleanse?

A. Like most responses to a nutrition question, “it depends” is the answer. This is something that is unique to each individual. Because the Nomad Nutrition cleanse is about replenishing just as much as cleansing and we have incorporated as many essential nutrients as we can squeeze into a 500ml bottle, it is safe to do three day cleanse once a month. however the calorific needs of each induvidual isn’t necessarily going to be meet by six bottles of raw juice a day. It is not advisable to be on a cleanse program for more than five days at a time.


Q. Is it beneficial to do a one day cleanse every week? 

A. Absolutely! What better way to reset the mind back into healthy eating after the weekend than a Nomad cleanse.


Q. What if I cant start my cleanse the day after it is delivered? 

A. We recommend you start the cleanse the day after delivery due to the freshness of the product. If something unexpected has come up, pour your juice into  freezer friendly containers and freeze until you are ready to start, defrost the night before your cleanse day.


Q. Will I lose weight? 

A. It is important to remember that the cleanse and replenish program is not about deprivation but rather supporting the body to cleanse at an optimal level. When the body is in balance this way the individual will find they sit in their optimum weight range with ease. So yes cleansing does lead to better whole body balance and therefor maintenance of best personal weight range in the long term. Weight loss in the short term will happen if you are somebody whom currently enjoys an over-indulgent lifestyle and is sitting at a weight class above your healthy range, by taking on a three day cleanse program which may have a lower calorific intake than your day to day diet, you will start to see a shift weight.


Q. Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. No, for a few reasons.  The amount of calories supplied from the cleanse might not meet your particular needs while pregnant or breastfeeding. The Nomad Cleanse also contains some herbal teas that are not suitable while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Q. Can I exercise while cleansing?

A. Yes. movement while cleansing is beneficial. Movement helps the lymphatic system shift toxins. We are talking about light exercise like walking or yoga. Intense exercise is not recommended, take this time to rest and heal.