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new zealand's premium organic cold pressed juice cleanse
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our  difference










We are a boutique juice company based in the sunny Bay of Plenty


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O R G A N I C,  S P R A Y  F R E E  &  R A W : We strive to use organic and spray free where possible, all of our dried produce, super foods, infusions and herbs are organic. Most of our fresh produce is also organic and spray free though sometimes due to seasonal availability this is not possible. There are a small amount of fresh ingredient items that we can’t source organically such as pineapple and some organic ingredients that go in and out of availability in New Zealand as the seasons change. These ingredients like pineapple are just too good to be left out of the mix. There are no preservatives or nasties added to our drinks and they are not homogenised, HPP’d, or heat treated.



L O C A L : We strive to support local and New Zealand grown. Where possible we source from farmers and markets locally. Keeping our carbon footprint small and our community nourished.

S U S T A I N A B L E : We choose glass over plastic when it comes to our bottles to keep you safe from BPA and our landfills plastic free. We keep our packaging sustainable, and use reusable cool bags, ice packs and cardboard to package our cleanses. We have also put in place a reward system for packaging return. All wastes from juice creation are composted and put back into the cycle of botanical life.



C O L D – P R E S S E D : The Nomad cleanse is cold-pressed and blended. Cold-press juicing extracts juice by first crushing and then pressing the fresh produce. This method of slow juicing creates the least amount of heat and oxidation possible, this means your juice will not only keep longer it will also have better nutrition. Good things take time and you know you are getting quality when you choose Nomad.



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