The Luna Cleanse


Humans have been aware of the moon’s effect on the earth and the human body since the beginning of civilisation. It is well known the moon affects the earth’s bodies of water, its rivers and oceans with gravitational pull. The moon also affects the 50 -65 % of water that the human body is made up of. As the moon moves through the lunar phases the body also is said to make subtle shifts. Aligning detoxification and cleansing with the moon phases is an age old practise.



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THE WANING MOON is believed to be the moon of detoxification which intensifies as it draws closer to THE NEW MOON. The new moon is said to be when the body is at its greatest capacity to rid itself of toxins. The next phase, THE WAXING MOON is the time of storing energy and regenerating and this force is more effective as it moves toward the full moon. This can be a time of rest and recovery. THE FULL MOON is also thought to be an optimum time for cleansing. At this time the body is better able to absorb and pass unhealthy substances due to the fact that body accumulates water more rapidly. The moon cleanse is timed to align with either the NEW or FULL moon.






JANUARY 2nd 2018

FEBRUARY 1st 2018

MARCH 2nd 2018

APRIL 1st 2018

APRIL 30th 2018

MAY 30th 2018

JUNE 28th 2018

JULY 28th 2018

AUGUST 26th 2018

SEPTEMBER 25th 2018

OCTOBER 25th 2018

NOVEMBER 23rd 2018

DECEMBER 23rd 2018



   NEW MOON   


JANUARY 17th 2018

FEBRUARY 16th 2018

MARCH 18th 2018

APRIL 16th 2018

MAY 15th 2018

JUNE 14th 2018

JULY 13th 2018

AUGUST 11th 2018

SEPTEMBER 10th 2018

OCTOBER 9th 2018

NOVEMBER 8th 2018

DECEMBER 7th 2018






You can choose a Classic Cleanse, Green Cleanse or Warrior Cleanse.

Please leave a note at the check out stating you would like to choose the Luna alignment option.

There are limited spaces available each month so be sure to book in advance for this unique and special cleanse.

Please note delivery days for Auckland are Wednesdays and Thursdays.