Bliss Ball Pack (3)


To be bought in addition to a cleanse ONLY

These ‘REAL RAD’ bliss balls are unique in flavour, made especially for NOMAD using the organic pulp of NOMAD NUTRITION‘s number 2 of the Classic Cleanse.

CARROT, GINGER, TURMERIC, LEMON as well as coconut, sunflower seeds, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, coconut oil, dates and himalayan salt.

We believe in Nourishing NOT Punishing, so if you feel the undying urge to eat during your cleanse, why not let it be a wholesome and nourishing raw snack pre-prepared for you. Too easy!

We use our waste in whatever way we can to minimise our footprint. A majority of our waste is donated and delivered to our local community gardens (The Rock – Te Kohatu Community Gardens) to be used as compost. The worms there love us for it, but where we can we try to use it ourselves. After all it’s far too good to “waste”.

To be bought in addition to a cleanse ONLY

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