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7am –  1.   Green Harvest *

10am – 2.  Immunity Roots *

12am – 3.  Pacific Ocean*

3pm – 4.  Happy Heart *

5pm – 5.  Salad Greens*

7pm – 6.  Nut Mylk of choice (blended by you)*

* Supplied by Nomad Nutrition


We have incorporated all the tastes of sunshine into this cleanse. The spring cleanse is the perfect combination of creamy satisfying nut mylk and cold-pressed juices made from seasonal fruit, vegetables, super-foods and botanical herbs.  Each ingredient in the cleanse has been selected for the properties it will provide you physically as well as energetically on your cleanse journey. This cleanse is a great option for beginners as well as regular cleansers. Each drink has been aligned with a time of the day and what your body needs most at this time.


Our blends at this time of year are hydrating, invigorating, grounding, and some cooling, some warming depending on the time of day to provide a balanced energy boost and immune system support at this time of year. Every flavour is like a kiss of sunshine in which you can find comfort in knowing you are doing wonderful things for your mind and body.


What we believe to be even more exciting about this cleanse is the revolutionary take on nut mylk with minimal mess at home. You can now make the creamiest, tastiest, nut mylks FRESH on the day yourself to satisfy your end of day desires.

Before your cleanse starts you will receive an email entailing the best way to prep for your cleanse as well as guidelines and tips for during your cleanse. The day before you start your cleanse you will receive 5 nourishing and detoxifying bottles of goodness, and 1 nut mylk paste, ready for you to start the program the following day.

Your pack also contains a menu & cleanse day planner.

Please leave a note at the checkout after purchasing to let us know if you would like a different date than specified. Shipping days are Tuesdays (Tauranga only), and Wednesdays.





No. 1 |  G R E E N  HA R V E S T

apple, kale, sorrel, parsley, kawakawa & nettle infusion, aloe, & lemon

Garden Glow is a refreshing morning drop to start off your day of cleansing. The colour green is associated with our heart chakra Anahata and symbolises harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature. A crisp apple based beverage with bitter kawakawa and liver supporting nettle added for their myriad of medicinal benefits.



No.2 | I M M U N I T Y  R O O T S 

orange, carrot, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, & dandelion root infusion, & lemon

May your inner sun still shine! Your second drink of the day is a blend of orange, carrot, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and dandelion root is like warm liquid sunshine. Stimulating and full of a bright vital life energy that is welcomed when embracing change. These orange and yellow foods are associated with the nourishing energy gifted to us by the sun so the drink brings about a sense of renewal and new life. Ginger and turmeric have been added for their many medicinal properties, both are warming and grounding. 



Coconut Water, Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Lime, and Coconut.

the ultimate afternoon hydrator. Like a summer mocktail prepared for you.


No. 4 |  H A P P Y   H E A R T

apple, beetroot,  coriander, hibiscus infusion & lemon

Happy Heart is a sweet yet fragrant blend that harnesses the gifts mother earth has provided. Grounding and comforting this blend also includes hibiscus for its unique properties to support the body at this time of year. Earthy beetroot brings a deep purple richness to balance out the sweet and refreshing apple. 



  No. 5 |  S A L A D  G R E E N S

cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, mint, & NZ wild wakame

this nomad blend will add in extra detoxification for the body with another dose of greens. This nutrient rich blend will help you ease your way into the afternoon knowing you are flooding your body with goodness and receiving a little something to chew on with added wakame.




No. 6 | NUT MYLK

(paste to make your own) 

Choose between Cacao Spice or Turmeric Chai – more flavours to come shortly

Cacao Spice

Almonds, Cacao, Maca, Cayenne, Date, Buckwheat, Vanilla, Himalayan Salt

Turmeric Chai

Cashew, Turmeric, Ginger, Ashwagandha, Date, Buckwheat, Vanilla, Himalayan Salt

Your choice of nut mylk. A restorative blend of beautifully supportive ingredients that nurture and comfort your being. After blending this creation you are invited to sit quietly and mindfully as you reflect on your cleansing journey.